George Clooney: The Deets

george clooney

George Clooney has been one of the most rewarded and prolific actors in American History. His work spans in a variety of directions which has lead to achievements across a very versatile field. George Clooney has made a name for himself as an Actor, Producer, and filmmaker. This diversity of practice has led him to be nominated for Oscars across six different categories. The only other person to do that in Holy Wood is Walt Disney.

Where He Began…

A Southern Boy, George Clooney was born in Lexington. Kentucky on May, 1st 1961. It’s easy to account for his dashing good looks. His mother, Nina Bruces, was a beauty queen and city counsel women. Show business is in this guy’s blood. His father, Nick Clooney, was an anchorman for over six years at AMC.

The Rich Family History!

George Clooney has a rather impressive blood line. His great-great-great-great Grandmother was the half-sister of Nancy Lincoln. A presidential link is a rare and interesting ancestry.

As Far As Other Family

George Clooney had only one sibling, an older sister named Adelia. More than one great name worked in show business from his family. George Clooney’s aunt was a cabaret dancer. Her name was Rosemary Clooney.

His Raising

George Clooney was brought up in a strict catholic environment; however, to day he states that he’s rather agnostic and doesn’t know whether he actually believes in a divine being. He attended a parochial school growing up.

The Hardships

George Clooney developed a difficult disease when he reached middle school age. Bell’s palsy emerged, which paralyzed half his face. While extremely terrifying, it was not permanent. The issue went away in about a year which allowed Cluney to continue on with the hope of show business and other aspirations. This is discussed in an Interview with Larry King.

He Hit The Scenes

Clooney hit the scene in 1978 when he was 17 years old. The young actor first appeared in Centennial as an extra. His road was a remarkable one that didn’t start with success from the beginning. Remember the sitcom E/R? Few people do because the sitcom was not on for a very long time; however, it is the show which George Clooney assumed his first major role.

E/R shouldn’t be confused with ER. Cooney appeared on the much more successful hospital drama ER. It had a much longer run.

His Shot To Fame

Clooney raised to a high level of fame with his role in ER. He played Dr. Doung Ross. America had a love affair with medical T-V shows after M.A.S.H came on the stage, which made ER a perfect place to reach fame.

The Turn Of The Millennium

Cooney came on the scenes hard when the 2000’s began. Once the millenium switched, George Clooney started to branch out from T-V and appeared in Movies where the majority of his success was gained. His first appearance on film was The Perfect Storm in 2000. In Ocean’s 11, Clooney played the famous Danny Ocean. He also took on prestigious rolls like Frank Sinatra.

The First Nomination

Clooney’s first nomination was actually not for his acting. He was first nominated for best director for “Good Night, Good Luck.”

His Stance

Clooney is a strong democrat who supported both of Barack Obama’s term. He is an avid supported of the LGBT community which is part of what has lead to his political lineage. He supported Hillary Clinton in 2016. He is a moderate democrat.

What A Good Guy!

Clooney raised awareness for the LGBT communities right to the same privileges and treatment given to everyone with his play “Dustin Lance Black’s”. This was a reenactment piece of the federal trial of prop 8 in California which overturned the ban on gay marriage.

Gun Control

George Clooney is a huge believer in personal rights. He is also a huge believer in the right for every human being to feel safe and be secure which is illustrated by his interested in gun control awareness. He pledged $500,000 towards the March of Our Lives, which is a walk that raises money for better gun control to leave this country safer.

Fast And Furious

No, George Clooney did not star in this movie. It’s more of a comment on his favorite thrill. George Clooney loves to ride his motorcycle; however, its created a lot of risky situations in his life. George Clooney has been in three motorcycle accidents in his lifetime. None of them resulted in serious injury; however, the last accident left Clooney in the hospital with minor injuries.

Sports: He wanted to be an athlete

George Clooney loves his baseball. He is a particularly strong fan of the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cincinnati Reds. Before going into the film and T.V. industry, he wanted to be an athlete. He tried out for the Cincinnati reds, but was denied a spot on the team. In another world, we would have lost him to the sports industry. Read more about GC’s Workout Routine.


George Clooney has won two academy awards. A Golden Globe award was given to Clooney for his part in The Descendants. He has won over six awards, which is a strong amount for a successful actor.

The Best Of Our Time

George Clooney will go down as one of the best actors of the early 20th century. His fame reaches far beyond the United States as his movies are being watched all around the world.

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