#79 Cast News: How Stay in Shape Like George Clooney by Following His Diet Plan and Workout Routine

George Clooney is aging like fine wine. He was handsome then, he is handsome now, and the way he is working out and following a strict diet, he will remain handsome in the days to come. Some actors are naturally slim. They have better metabolism than the rest. This helps their body to break the food down quickly and use the fat to produce energy.

George Clooney’s change in physique


George Clooney was not gifted with a slim physique. If you see some of his earlier movies, you will notice that he was not as slim as the actors are these days. He had to work his way up into the industry and that involved spending hours at the gym and following a restricted diet. In fact, he claims that those were two reasons why he has still maintained a slim and trim figure even after 58 years.

Fitness courses of George Clooney


Most people think that actors follow a challenging fitness plan to keep them in shape. That’s not always the case. George Clooney believes you should maintain a healthy lifestyle to stay fit. Over the years, he endured numerous health issues. One of the most severe problems was his torn dura mater, a membrane surrounding the spine. This led to unbearable headaches and temporary memory loss. That is why he was not around the film industry for several years.

Apart from the torn dura mater, he also had chronic back pain that gave him sleepless nights. More often than not, these health problems break down a person physically, but he didn’t. He successfully overcame his physical conditions and made a comeback in the movies lately. But what was the secret to this incredible comeback? What type of fitness plan did he follow? Everyone wants to know the secret workout routine that George Clooney followed during his rehabilitation period.

According to many newspaper reports, George Clooney did not follow a lot of workout routines. In fact, in a recent interview, he revealed that his trainers instructed him to follow a few basic exercises so that the back pain wouldn’t resurface. So, his workout plan included a few basic fitness moves, pull-ups and pushups. He did not have to indulge in heavy exercises in the fear that the chronic back pain would appear again.

Chowdhary's Indian hot and humid exercises against GC's back pain

Apart from these basic exercises, he also included a significant dose of yoga in his workout plan. He regularly performs Bikram Yoga. This yoga teacher training was first introduced by Bikram Chowdhary. It includes various exercises and yoga postures but you need to perform everything inside a hot and humid room. The fitness trainers wanted George Clooney to lose some weight after the surgeries. This yoga technique was the best way to lose a significant amount of weight while minimizing the chances of relapsing the pain or muscle tear.

In fact, many Hollywood actors now follow Bikram Yoga because of its incredible benefits. It not only helps you lose weight quickly but also keeps you in shape. Those who have had chronic back pain can try this yoga technique.

A boost of health & nutrition with the help of his instructor Amal Alamuddin

Now that you know George Clooney’s fitness plan, you will be eager to find out what he eats throughout the day. There is a notion that actors don’t eat oily and spicy foods. Again, you shouldn’t believe in rumors. Everyone enjoys a slice of pizza now and then, but it shouldn’t become a habit. Similarly, you shouldn’t have sweetened products also. Avoiding sweets, pastries, carbonated drinks, and similar other items are a strict no-no.

Amal Alamuddin, George Clooney’s close friend and instructor prepared his diet plan. The Ocean’s Eleven actor was very fond of meat and pasta. However, his new diet plan included assorted vegetables and fish. He needed a boost of health and nutrition, and this was probably the best way to include that in his diet. Apart from his favorite pasta and meat, he also had to let go of his favorite alcoholic beverages, such as tequila and vodka.

It is not easy to maintain a slim figure even at the age of 58. But if you can let your cravings go and focus your mind on fitness and healthier living, anything is possible.